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MeidataTM Merges with OpenseeTM and Brings Social Media Research To the Firm

Opensee’s social media research tools and analysis will strengthen Meidata’s research offerings

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – MeidataTM, a leading market research and analytics firm, announced today the completion of its merge with OpenseeTM, a social networking research firm. The merge will bring the Opensee social research tools to Meidata, allowing more relevant research to be provided to its clients.

“We are excited to bring Opensee into the fold of our vast network of research tools”, said Shaul Zohar, CEO of Meidata. “Understanding and interpreting what is being said and understood in the social media arena will allow our clients to have a clearer picture of their products and brands.”

“Merging with Meidata, Opensee can now provide a completely new and unique research perspective for our customers and markets,” said Neta Yacoby-Rejuan, Manager of Opensee. “Opensee, which I consider to be the pioneer research tool for social media, will allow Meidata to offer their customers extraordinary social insights. No other company can offer the comprehensive social media details and understandings that we do.”

“Seeing as we are the only company offering market research based both on social media as well as traditional market research methods, we are seeing a higher demand for our research methodology,” continued Mr. Zohar. “In today’s world, companies want to see what is being said about them, as well as what is being said about their competitors, in the social media world.”

Meidata has already started to offer its clients knowledge using Opensee’s social media tools, making their presence in this market visible immediately. Opensee uses the latest technology and proprietary analytical tools to scan all social networking sites – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and others – to track attitudes and perceptions of products. Meidata will continue to use the “Opensee” brand name.

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