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Meidata™ Publishes Research Trends Study

Study shows global competitive intelligence market and its future trends

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – MeidataTM, a leading market research and analytics firm, has published its insights on the effects of results on the global competitive intelligence market and where the market might be headed in the future. The publication answers many questions about the future availability of information affecting corporate decision-making.

“We strive to provide the insights needed for business decisions in a way that is easy to understand and can be reacted upon quickly”, said Shaul Zohar, CEO of Meidata. “Publishing this data answers many questions about the future mindset of consumers when gathering information in order to aid with their decision-making process. The study shows, rather than tells, the results that we gathered.”

Meidata provides new and innovative research and analysis, allowing companies to see how their potential customers may react to new products, and delivers insights into new and emerging markets.

The study can be found online here.

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