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Meidata™ To Help Ormat® Technologies Understand International Competition

Green Energy Technology focus of Meidata™ Market Research

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Meidata™, a leading market research and analytics firm, signs an agreement with Ormat Technologies to provide research market analysis and competitive intelligence reports.

“As the green energy market continues to grow at phenomenal rates, companies are looking for every edge that is needed to make the correct business decision”, said Shaul Zohar, CEO of Meidata. “By providing them with market research and competitive intelligence reports, we will help Ormat understand the competitive edge needed to enter new markets.”

Meidata has become a rising star in market research & competitive intelligence, providing firms, such as new and emerging technology companies, the capability to understand the entrance barriers to new markets.

ABOUT MEIDATA: Meidata, the world’s leading market research & competitive intelligence firm, helps companies make correct business decisions using data analysis, diverse information sources, advanced social media analysis tools, and expertise in international markets. For more information, email or visit their site at