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When a new company enters the market, it is vital to collect information on its strategy & offering, to accurately assess the potential effect it might have on your clients. A solid understanding of relative advantages and business strategies of new players in the market is the most important tool executives have in their arsenal to ensure continuous leadership in the market.

Meidata’s intelligence dossiers are prepared directly by clients’ needs, built upon a collection of comprehensive information regarding the business history, contracts and projects, managers and employees, financial reports and analysis of organizational structure.

The data collected in data bases, open sources, interviews, and deep web searches, enables Meidata’s analysts to uncover latent information and present new insights on companies that pose a potential or actual competitive challenge: strategic plans, R&D pipeline, cash flow forecast, recruitment trends and more.

Meidata provides designed-to-cater intelligence briefs on public and private companies operating in foreign markets: China, Russia, African markets, LATAM countries and more. Our unique collection methodology and accurate analysis equips executives with precise information, enabling them to make informed business decisions.

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