Are Israeli high-tech firms floating in a cyber bubble? Meidata’s CEO, Mr. Elik Ber, refers to the Israeli cyber industry in an interview to TheMarker Magazine

May 2016 – Tel-Aviv – Meidata’s close cover on the local & global cyber industry has already yielded valuable insights to leading players who rely upon market reports and continuous business opportunities monitoring supplied by Meidata’s team of analysts.

Yet, the new cover story in TheMarker Magazine on the Israeli cyber industry offers an opportunity for everyone who is interested in this rapidly growing industry to learn from insights shared in an interview with Meidata’s CEO, Elik Ber.

In reply to a question concerning a possible ‘bubble’ reflected by the super-fast growth on investments in Israeli cyber industry, Meidata’s CEO explains that ‘Bubble’ is not a purely economic term; it’s a popular concept representing a situation that lacks equilibrium. If I was asked to define it in economic terms, I’d say a bubble arises when an unreasonable gap opens between the realistic and nominal value of things. A real estate bubble, for example, means apartments are worth much less than people are willing to pay for them.”

“The main problem in the current investment trends in Israeli cyber firms is that there aren’t a lot of investors who really understand the field,” said Ber. “When three guys go to an investment meeting and describe what they do, the investor probably won’t understand. So we see a lot of companies that manage to raise money. But what’s going to happen after the hype dies down is consolidation, and a lot of these companies are going to vanish.”

Meidata mapped the local cyber scene and holds a database of all Israeli cyber firms as of mid-2016, and consults government ministries, defense manufacturers, IT firms and cyber firms concerning cyber-security markets since 2008. The company already provided comprehensive market reports on the local and global cyber market to its clients, to support senior management business decisions (M&As, R&D budget allocation, partnerships), based on its database comprised of more than 350 cyber firms divided by industry sub-segments and target verticals.

The database offers Meidata’s clients unique insights into the shaping forces of the Israeli cyber industry as well as to the most lucrative investment opportunities in the market.

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