The Israeli stock market investor: A social media analysis by Meidata

June 2016 – Tel-Aviv – Meidata releases a new report uncovering the characteristics of the Israeli investor in the stock market, based on a unique analysis of social media discourse in the last 12 months.

The unique methodology developed by Meidata – OpenSee™ – uses proprietary analytical tools to scan all social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, professional blogs etc.) to track attitudes and perceptions of services & products.

The main conclusions of Meidata’s report, based on analysis of 140 thousand (!) discussions of Israelis in social networks, were published by financial newspaper Globes in a special column within the distinguished Globes’ MoneyTime magazine.

Globes discusses Meidata’s findings on the unique characteristics of Israeli investors, including demographic attributes, their motivations for investment in stocks and their preferences in choosing a specific type of investment. The unique methodology combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, applied by Meidata, serves to uncover the reasons and causes that shape Israelis’ behavior as stock market investors.

To read the full report by Meidata: Press here (Hebrew presentation)

To read Globes column with main research conclusions:

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