More than 100 Israeli startups related to the automotive industry – Times of Israel interviews Meidata co-founder, Mr. Shaul Zohar, on the self-driving vehicles eco-system

July 2016 – Tel-Aviv – Co-founder of Meidata, Mr. Shaul Zohar, referred to Israel’s role in the automotive car industry, in a new story published by Time of Israel on the Israeli industry and the global self-driving vehicles market.

The announcement of BMW Group, Intel and Israel’s Mobileye on their collaboration in developing self-driving vehicles, which was the event behind the cover of the Times of Israel, is expected to boost investment in driverless technologies and confirm Israel’s position at the forefront of developments.

“Teaming up with global manufacturers who know the industry well is a good way forward for some of the more than 100 Israeli startups related to the automotive industry”, said Shaul Zohar in an interview to Times of Israel. “Up until recent years, Israel suffered from significant disadvantages when it came to the car industry: Israel is a geographically isolated market and a late adopter of new vehicles,” Zohar said. “As software components penetrate the automotive industry — connected cars, autonomous vehicles, sensors and apps — Israel improves its position as a global leader, though developers still have much to learn about the car industry standards.”

Meidata, the Tel Aviv-based market research firm, is following the evolution of the global autonomous car industry since 2014, providing reports & innovation trackers on the industry offering analysis of partnerships, R&D pipeline & market trajectory to global & Israeli clients. Meidata analysts closely follow all business developments related to self-deriving vehicles and related solutions developed by global corporates and by Israeli start-ups.

During 2016, Meidata is expected to complete the first database of Israeli firms developing autonomous car solutions and automotive-related software products, offering quantitative perspective on this growing industry and its impact on the local & global eco-system. The database will serve Meidata’s analysts in providing clients data and insights, in identifying new business opportunities which could serve clients as lucrative investment vehicles.

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