Meidata maps all active multinational research & development centers in Israel

December 2015 – Tel-Aviv – Meidata has completed the first-ever comprehensive database of all global R&D and innovation centers in Israel. The list includes over a hundred different multinational companies and tech giants, all with a clear interest in expanding their technological efforts through the use of Israel’s best innovative minds.

“Israel’s branding as ‘The Start-Up Nation’ is no secret”, says Elik Ber, CEO of Meidata. “In order to continue leading within their respective markets, multinational companies (MNCs) have no choice but to develop and adapt to the dynamically changing global industries. Some of the world’s best engineers and developers reside here in Israel, and this trend is clearly apparent through our recent report.”

The database was generated for a leading multinational player in the finance vertical, already active in the Israeli market. The client was looking for a comprehensive mapping of the local innovation and R&D centers operating in Israeli, in all verticals. For this purpose, Meidata launched collection & analysis of data from multiple data sources, leading to identification of all active centers by the end of 2015.

For each innovation center identified and mapped by Meidata multiple parameters were gathered, including year of establishment, number of employees, innovation focus areas, geographical locations and more. Based on the new database Meidata offered analysis of the unique characteristics of the global R&D and innovation focus within the local eco-system.

The analysis will assist the multinational player in promoting its own innovation activity in Israel, mostly focused on the finance vertical. Insights of the analysis have already shaped the client’s decisions concerning HR recruitment & budget allocation aspects while preparing for broadening the scope of business activities in Israel.

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