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The Cyber Arms Race – Bloomberg News interviews Meidata’s  CEO, Mr. Elik Ber, on the global defence industry Trends

August 2015 – New York – Bloomberg News, the global financial news agency headquartered in New York, released a new story on leading Defense manufacturers entering the corporate cybersecurity business, sticking for importing cyber expertise in order to stay competitive.

Bloomberg report cites insights from Meidata reports analyzing defence & cyber markets and trends among global defence manufacturers.

“There’s a real arms race,” said Elik Ber, Meidata’s CEO to Bloobmerg News. “Many governments are trying to develop or acquire tools to protect their IT infrastructure, and to be able to attack if they needed to. And on the commercial level, the defense giants and other companies are trying to get hold of the best patents and top innovations in the field.”

The report covers Elbit, Rafael, Raytheon and other leading players in the global defence market, as well as players as IBM & Cisco who are considered as leaders in cybersecurity solutions.

To read the full story: The Cyber Arms Race

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